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Consent & Boundaries

All services are done with vocal consent and permission from each member of our private association

Please follow the cues and guidance of your guide. 

Adhere to the practice guidelines 

Thai Tantra Yoga is a spiritual sacred practice protected as a faith based practice of The Tantric Ministry operating under private law domain jurisdiction that governs natural persons of blood and flesh. When you choose to engage in the mind , body and spiritual practices of our faith you do so as a fully consenting participant engaging in the practices of our faith based organization. 

Personal Hygiene

Please arrive clean and cologne-free.

Your body hair shall be trimmed and well-managed.

If you have any abnormal skin conditions/physical issues mention them at the opening. 

Registration, Donations & Deposit

Please make sure to fully complete your application form 

To confirm your ceremony please send a $200 membership deposit to visit the rainbow bliss temple

as your commitment offering.


Zelle : 954-997-3878 or  Cash App $ARainbowG

Your Gift Comes Back 3 Folds As Life Force Energy

Each of the sessions leaves a lasting impact that changes your relationship with embodied life. Please place gift made to the Altar as an energetic investment in yourself, which honors the powerful and valuable impact that the ceremony makes in your life and your healing

To accommodate different budgets I kindly offer a sliding scale suggestions

Please inquire through text or email about sliding scale guidelines


Temple Location Vary Miami And Fort Laudardale Available Please Inquire


The exact address is sent out 1-hr before the session

Location & parking is private and discreet 

For Outcalls please text me your address 

Gifts & Wish List

Goddesses love gifts, if you feel inclined to bring a gift to the Temple please be sure it is of mindful thought.

I enjoy flowers, fresh fruit, juices, organic chocolate, soy/beeswax candles, natural incense, oils, or any items from my Amazon Wish List.

Thank You in advance for your kind gesture!


Cancellations made 24 hours or less before an appointment will be asked for a courtesy-fee  

$100 before booking future sessions. 

I thank you in advance for your mindfulness and

for valuing my time equally.

You promise to

Practice clear, honest, and respectful communication.

Arrive on-time and sober, no drinking , or smoking prior to the session 

Food recommendations a day or 2 prior to the session :

I recommend fasting a day before or at least eat light, vegan meals, avoid heavy meats, dairy and processed  fast foods. 

Drink a lot of water

Eat a clean diet of fruits, vegetables, green juices,  smoothies 

Avoid alcohol or intoxicants. 

Herbal medicine is fine. 

Keep an open mind and heart. 

Meditate on your intention for the healing session. 

 What would you like to manifest in your life? 

Bring your intention into the ceremony, speak it over with your guide and affirm it during the opening ceremony

Offer your donation 

Place your gift as an offering to the goddess of life and rejuvenation on the Altar prior to the the ceremonial opening.


Thanks !

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