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Experience the healing

power of tantra massage

Level 1:

White Tantra Massage Foundations 

To Awaken Your Sensual Spiritual Self


All-Inclusive, Ayurvedic Detox Immersion
Fall 2024 @HOM Mansion, Miami FL

Blessed Be Dear One!

​I am Angel Rainbow Goddess a Thai Tantra Yoga Bodywork Facilitator I have been practicing and studying holistic wellness & regenerative healing arts for over 15 years. I support health practitioners & couples who are seeking to expand their tantric bodywork skills to soar into new new heights of inner liberation, connection & aliveness through sacred embodiment & I Invite you to our first retreat hosted with my team of Tantric Ministry at the beautiful mansion in Miami where you will get to learn the art of Tantra Massage from Somananda Lineage, School of Authentic Tantra. My desire is to guide you towards a deeper connection with yourself and the universe, for a life full of vitality, peace and purpose.

Intention & Vision

Our intention is to create a sacred space for education, self-discovery and healing, where students will learn the fundamental principles of wellbeing, energy, bodywork and explore deep connections with others.

Our vision is to create a holistic haven for those seeking personal growth, spiritual enlightenment, enhanced relationships, and a deeper connection with themselves and their partners.


The Venue

Luxury Love lagoon Mansion 

 Breathtaking paradise awaits you. 

Love Lagoon Mansion offers a fusion of simple luxury and tended to nature. With a stunning waterfall and tranquil lagoon this venue will sure to create pleasant and lasting memories.

Mansion offers 8 private bedrooms with Queen/King beds, which will be offered to couples & singles on first-come fist-serve basis.


All other guests will be hosted in a Double Occupancy GlamTents in the garden.

What can you expect?

🌟 Foundational Training: 

You will acquire the essential knowledge and skills necessary to embark on your journey into white tantra, setting the stage for a deeper exploration life-transforming sacred practice.

👐 Massage Demos and Practices:

You will partake in four massage practice sessions where you will be able to practice by giving and receiving with others through expertly guided techniques allowing you to practice and refine your skills in a safe and supportive environment. 

🍲 Ayurvedic Nourishment:

Detox and rejuvenate your entire system with mindfully crafted vegan Ayurvedic meals prepared with loving intentions. This style of eating harmonizes body and spirit deepening your experience, it detoxifies, brings mental clarity, and nurtures emotional balance

📚 Educational Lectures:

Engage in insightful educational lectures that introduce you to the principles of white tantra, providing you with a solid understanding of its philosophy and practices.

💬 Love Gospels:

Immerse yourself in heartwarming and enlightening discussions centered around relationship styles, polarity,  intimacy, and spiritual connection. 

🕯️ Candlelit Dance & Daily Meditations:

Express yourself in a sensual late night dance and get centered and grounded in daily meditations designed to get you prepared and aligned for the hands-on practice.

🌊 Love Lagoon Experience:

Immerse yourself in the enchanting lagoon, a tranquil oasis to relax, reflect and refresh between the sessions. Skinny dipping is welcomed.

🌟 Naturism Experience:

Naturism is a lifestyle of practicing non-sexual nudity which promotes social wellbeing, reduces shame and increases self-acceptance. There will be opportunities that will allowing you to spend time naked and get in touch with your body from the inside out, indulge in the liberating and sensuous experience of skinny dipping under the moonlit sky.

🎁 Surprises and Delights:

Anticipate unexpected surprises and delights throughout your retreat, Tantric Ministry always adds an element of magic and spontaneity.

Meet the Team


Angie Rainbow G

Lead Teacher




Support & Nourishment



Aly Light

Hospitality & Order



Kyle The Zen Wizard

Ayurvedic Practitioner and Chef


Riko 3.png

Omega Riko

Lead Support



This is an all-inclusive rate with your chosen accommodations + meals.



You have an option to choose to book a mansion ROOM

or Glamp Tent.


Bring Your Own Tent : $750 


Single Glamping Tent  $1,300

Single Mansion Room  $2,000

Couples Glamping Tent $2,500

Couples Mansion Room $3,500


Mansion Room + Professional Tantra Practice Partner  + Exclusive Treats 


Who is this for?

This retreat offers a holistic approach to well-being and personal development, making it appealing to individuals and couples from diverse life experiences. This course is designed to deepen your self awareness and elevate your ability to cultivate intimate connections.


For those seeking to nurture and intensify the bonds of intimacy within their relationship, this retreat offers a transformative opportunity to explore the depths of connection and love through tantric practices. Whether you're newlyweds or have been together for years, this experience will deepen your emotional and physical connection, rekindling the flames of passion.


Health Practitioners

If you are a health practitioner, therapist, or healer eager to expand your repertoire of skills and techniques, this retreat is your gateway to unlocking the profound healing potential of tantric bodywork. Gain invaluable insights and hands-on experience that will empower you to offer your clients a holistic approach to wellness and personal growth.


Business Professionals

Even amidst the demands of a busy professional life, this retreat provides a sanctuary for business professionals who yearn for peace from the chaos of the mind. Discover the art of mindfulness and self-care, allowing you to return to your daily life with enhanced clarity, focus, and vitality. Harness the ancient wisdom of tantra to excel in both your personal and professional pursuits.

Image by Jacky Watt

Discover how to offer adoring and expansive bodywork experiences to friends and beloveds by weaving Thai, Tantric and Ayurvedic principles, of Massage, encouraging surrender and Meditative Awareness, facilitating deep physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual openings.

Tantra Massage Course: Level 1 Foundations 

At our Tantra Massage Course, we take a respectful and mindful approach to the art of touch and connection. Our program is designed to provide a safe and nurturing environment where you can explore the profound benefits of tantric healing. 


Level 1 White

Level 1 Foundations Training focuses on cultivating self-awareness and energetic understanding of the body and how it relates to your understanding of self, which fosters understanding of others. This course is grounded on respectful and compassionate connections through healing touch. We invite a curious and innocent approach with intentions to heal, nourish and elevate ones Spirit. We want to emphasize that there is no genital massage or any sexual engagements at this level. Our Level 2 Rose training in March 2024, will take you on a deeper journey to include techniques for genital touch. 


Boundaries & Consent

This is a massage training. You will spend 4hrs giving and same time receiving. Our priority is to create a safe and respectful space where you can explore tantra and healing touch with your partner or a partner you will be matched with. Our training holds consent as a cornerstone. We prioritize clear communication, mutual respect, and the establishment of healthy boundaries, fostering an environment where all participants feel safe, valued, and empowered. We understand that it is a vulnerable act to surrender into receiving, as well as holding space as a giver. This is a shame free, body-positive, non-sexual environment. We invite radical honesty and open communication about your specific needs and boundaries to feel safe and supported through out the program.



In Level 1, we promote an environment of freedom and self-expression. There will be moments when nudity is an option for those who find it preferable. Many participants opt in for complete nudity during massage, while others prefer to remain covered. Your personal choice & preference will be honored.

Comfort & Preparation

To ensure your utmost comfort during this experience, we ask participants to be prepared to bring blankets, yoga mats, sheets, preferred oils and any other items that will contribute to your ultimate relaxation and familiarity. As well as any items to ad to collective Altar. Supply list will be emailed to ticket holders. 

Don't wait any longer to experience the profound effects of Tantra Massage. Enroll now and take your first steps towards a life filled with vitality, connection, and spiritual awakening.

Why Tantra Massage?


Your Teacher & The Lineage

Angel Rainbow Goddess is a committed yogic healer with a 15-year journey of studying Yoga, Ayurveda, White Tantra, and Thai Massage. She now blends her wisdom with her Divine feminine nature, and presents a multi-versed transformational experience through her practice.

Angel began her transformative journey with Yogi Amrit Desai, founder of Amrit Yoga devoted to the posture of consciousness an esteemed lineage rooted in esoteric yogic practices, particularly shaktipat kundalini yoga, where arising from deep states of meditation their yoga postures flow smoothly without any conscious effort in their part.

Her second training unfolded at the Vedic Conservatory under "Mukti" Michael Buck a trailblazer whom established this revered association in 1989 to champion Vedic Bodywork, a.k.a. assisted yoga, an ancient folk art of Southeast Asia. He artfully conveyed its therapeutic essence with "Metta," love and kindness, stemming from his immersive studies in the monastic order of Vedic studies.


Angel's third mentor, Ayurvedic Vidya Light Miller, provided her with individual health counseling and teaching seminars through the Ayurvedic College. Light Miller's extraordinary achievement lies in being one of only 18 practitioners worldwide of Kaya Kalpa, an Ayurvedic Mystical Medicine lineage. This branch, rooted in the oldest healing art of India, studies with her granted Angel invaluable insights during her apprenticeship, where she diligently shadowed Kaya Kalpa and Pancha Karma healing treatments side to side with her beloved teacher

Continuing her quest for knowledge, Angel's most recent studies have unfolded at Somananda Tantra School with Somananda, an accomplished spiritual yogi, lecturer, teacher, and author. This international organization is dedicated to personal spiritual growth through the ancient science of Authentic Tantra Yoga. Somananda, the founder and head teacher, imparts wisdom, solidifying Angel's holistic approach to tantra massage healing and spiritual development.

Beloved Guru Dev Yogi Amrit Desai
Amrit Yoga Institute


Beloved "Mukti" 
Thai Yoga Bodywork Teacher

Vedic Conservatory


Beloved "Dr. Light" Ayurvedic Bodywork & Natural Medicine  Teacher 
Ayurvedic College For Wellbeing

Angel Graduating From Somananda's School Of Authentic Tantra  


Angel Integrating The Lineage Of Her Teachers
Thai Tantra Yoga Academy

A Word From Rainbow


I am profoundly passionate about sharing the transformative practices of Tantra, Yoga, and Ayurveda because they have brought an incredible sense of holistic well-being and vitality to my life. As I step into my fourth decade of life, I can confidently say that these practices have made me feel happier, sexier, and healthier than ever before.

Reflecting on my journey, my early twenties were marked by intense bouts of depression, excess weight, and emotional instability. My hormonal balance was in disarray, affecting my overall health. However, it was during this challenging period that I stumbled upon my first Ayurvedic book authored by Dr. Deepak Chopra. This encounter sparked a glimmer of hope, a beacon of possibility for leading a more harmonious and balanced life. This newfound hope led me to take action and seek the guidance I needed.

Through the guidance of my teachers, I embarked on a profound journey of self-discovery and transformation. Over time, I witnessed the immense power of Tantra's holistic approach, the mind-body-spirit connection inherent in Yoga, and the personalized wisdom of Ayurveda. These practices gradually restored balance to my life, enabling me to shed excess weight, stabilize my emotions, and regain control over my hormones.

Today, I am driven by an unwavering commitment to pay forward the incredible healing and empowerment I've experienced. Teaching Tantra, Yoga, and Ayurveda is not just a profession for me; it's a calling deeply rooted in personal experience. I love helping others embark on their own journeys toward vibrant health and well-being.


I firmly believe that by sharing these practices, I can guide others to embrace their own transformations and discover the immense joy and vitality that life has to offer and the capacity to regenerate their being from with in. 

Tantra: Tantra is not just a physical practice; it's a profound path that embraces every facet of life spiritual, emotional, and even sexual. Through Tantra, I've learned to channel energies, forge deep connections, and unlock a more authentic understanding of myself and my relationships. My passion for teaching Tantra stems from my own experience of how it can catalyze spiritual growth and help individuals lead more meaningful lives.

Yoga: Having dedicated years to mastering yoga, I've witnessed the immense benefits it brings to the body, mind, and spirit. Teaching yoga is my way of sharing the gift of improved flexibility, strength, and mindfulness. Beyond the physical aspects, yoga has been a gateway to inner peace, self-exploration, and stress relief. My passion for guiding others in yoga is driven by my belief in its ability to foster holistic well-being and self-discovery.

Ayurveda: Ayurveda's wisdom about the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit has captivated me. It's a personalized approach to health that empowers individuals to make mindful choices based on their unique constitutions. Sharing Ayurvedic principles and practices is my way of empowering others to take control of their health, achieve balance, and lead vibrant lives.

In essence, my fervent passion for teaching Tantra, Yoga, and Ayurveda comes from a deep conviction in the life-changing potential of these practices. I am committed to guiding others on a journey of self-exploration, healing, and personal growth, helping them attain a more harmonious, balanced, and fulfilling life.


To The Tantra Massage Level 1 Foundations 

Our Early Bird Specials End October 7th !

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