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The Love Guru , Angie Rainbow G is the founder of the Tantric Ministry and the Thai Tantra Yoga methodology she delivers enlightened  sexual, eco, health and wellness education for couples and those who want to magnetize their ideal partners and lives. She sheds light on the pillars of healthy intimate and romantic fulfillment and how that relates to planetary tantra. Ms. Rainbow G has had to visit the depths of heart break, divorce  and relationship rebirthing. She is the writer of love & the new earth where she reveals her insights of love after marriage. A tantric exploration of love and life. She brings you the insights from her losses and her experiences  from the depths of her hearts journey in order to restore and rekindle your connection with your beloved starting with yourself. Unlike others Angie teaches from the understanding she has gained on love , pain , grief and emotional healing from the multi prismatic unique insights of her life.

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Sassy, Sexy,Steamy

Hot Tantra

Spa Day


Exclusive and Sexy partner event. Revitalizing aphrodisiac natural infusions elixir bar...

Lovership Initiation

Tantra Couples Training 


If your relationship isn’t as passionate as it used to and you are in a partnership...

Awaken Your Rainbow Body 


A full release into the multiverse within. Benefit from a nervous system reset...

Past Retreats

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