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Tantric Love Making :

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Tantra isn’t only focused on reaching a higher state of mind-body consciousness. It can also be about creating a deeper, more harmonious bond with your partner. When you practice tantra, you and your partner learn to be physically aware and spiritually present, feeding each other energy that continues to grow well after you’ve finishing having sex.

Tantric sex is a slow, meditative form of sex where the end goal is not orgasm but enjoying the sexual journey and sensations of the body. It aims to move sexual energy throughout the body for healing, transformation, and enlightenment.

Proponents of tantric sex believe that tantric techniques may help resolve sexual complications such as premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, or anorgasmia.

If a person finds that they have emotional blocks around self-touch, they should be curious and gentle with themselves as they explore what is preventing them from getting to know their own body more intimately. The more a person knows about their body and pleasure zones, the more likely they are to have a satisfying sexual experience.

Tantric Love is all about presence, connectedness, and, well, love. It’s about putting aside the gratification of self to bond more fully with another person, so it’s an experience that anyone can enjoy. Read on to learn more about Tantra and how you might incorporate it into your life

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