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Angie Rainbow G

Taoist Thai Tantra Yoga 


A Lucious Decadent, Sensual & Therapeutic Experience. 

Open your heart, unleash your spirit, and join me me in our next Thai Tantra Yoga Experience

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My Story

My name is Angie Rainbow G I am a Ceremonial Sensualist and Taoist Thai Tantra Yoga Healer. I have been studying and practicing Yoga and Thai Massage for over a decade.

5 years ago I got interested in Taoist Tantra and began my journey to merge these fields of practice. Sacred Eroticism and the Healing Arts

I spent 11 years in a marriage that did not fulfill my life’s purpose.


I had a difficult time having a truly blissful intimate connection with my partner because our values did not align.

Have you ever felt like you are repressing a part of you that is essential to the health and wholeness of your being ? 


Do you ever feel like a dry desert longing for an experience that gives you an oasis of restoration, a drink of spiritual expansion, a taste of unity within an embrace of deep connection.


After my divorce I wanted to learn tools to embark in a new journey of bliss and ecstasy with my new experiences in relationship. 

I believe sensuality and spirituality are different sides of the one coin. United by the holy breath, exploration of the senses and a multi-dimensional intake of the multiverse within.


Developing this fusion style of Taoist Thai Tantra Yoga has allowed me to find an inner state of freedom liberated by a  sensual experience of life.


Physical and mental wellbeing are of utmost importance to living a healthy life, and require practice and dedication.


I create the settings and provide the guidance you need to strengthen your body, mind and soul as you reconnect to your sacred sensuality. 


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