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Welcome Dear One!


I Am Angie Rainbow G

A Ceremonial Sensualist who supports overworked professionals who are missing out on the joys of life due to overwork, stress, and lack of fulfillment.


There's a wild impulse stirring in your bones. You have reached the point where day in and day out you are facing discontentment and pressure.

What you truly want is to explore curiosity and love.

You crave a safe space to be radically human that opens new landscapes within you.


If you are too busy thinking about work, work, work to take time for the most important thing your embodiment


Then I want to help you break out of the confines of overwork and experience your best sacred sensual life. 

I enjoy connecting with overworked professionals & burnt out couples who want to ditch the stress and start living life as an inner retreat through the practice of Thai Tantra Yoga 


I am a Thai Tantra Yoga Healer and founding Minister of

The Tantric Ministry.

I draw wisdom from my life passions and practices such as Permaculture, Naturism, Yogic Healing Arts, Taoism, Thai Yoga Bodywork, Tantra, Ayurvedic Herbalism, Regenerative Nutrition & Shamanism.


My desire is to to help you discover the right path for you, to get your life back from the shackles of stress and overwork so that you can reconnect with  your divine spirit living in the garden of your body 

I am offering complimentary discovery sessions to support you in your process of self discovery.


During this private phone call, we’ll take a look at what’s holding you back from a joyful life and ultimate inner sensual enlightenment.

More About Me : 

I have been studying and practicing Yoga, Taoist Healing Arts and Thai Massage for over a decade.

5 years ago I began to merge these fields of practice.


Taoism, Thai Bodywork, Yoga , Tantra and the Healing Arts

I spent 11 years in a marriage that did not fulfill my life’s purpose.


I had a difficult time having a truly blissful intimate connection with my partner because our values did not align.

Have you ever felt like you are repressing a part of you that is essential to the health and wholeness of your being? 


Do you ever feel like a dry desert longing for an experience that gives you an oasis of restoration, a drink of spiritual expansion, a taste of unity within an embrace of deep connection.


After my divorce, I wanted to learn tools to embark on a new journey of bliss and ecstasy with life and in relationships.

In my studies, I discovered that sacred sensuality and spirituality are different sides of one coin. Tantra unites the holy breath, exploration of the senses, and a multi-dimensional intake of the multiverse within.


After my studies, I have developed this fusion style of Taoist Thai Tantra Yoga that has allowed me to find an inner state of freedom liberated by an uplifting experience of life.


Physical and mental wellbeing is of utmost importance to living a healthy life and requires practice and dedication.

With this system of healing you can also rediscover that sacred connection with your beloved.


My favorite work is working with couples to get their health and love life back into harmony restoring life long bonds.


I create the settings and provide the guidance you need to strengthen your relationship to self and your beloved, to the body, mind, and soul as you reconnect to your sacred inner sensual divinity.

Blessed Be...



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Angie Rainbow G is the Founder Of

The Tantric Ministry

Specializing in 

Thai Tantra Yoga


Acro Thai Tantra

A  Healing & Therapeutic Experience. 

Open Your Heart, Unleash Your Spirit,

Join Me In Our Next

Retreat, Experience


Book A Private Session 

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Gazing into each other's eyes is like gazing into the windows of the soul 

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Benefits Of Working Together

Helps you sleep better

No phones, no email, no demands of everyday life. Only you, your breathing, and your body, eye gazing, and present moment awarenessWith busy schedules...

Decreases anxiety & depression

Have you noticed how sometimes feelings of stress, sadness, anxiety, or worry have affected your love life? That’s because connection starts in the brain. To truly...

Reduces stress levels 

The rhythmic breathing and movement exercises of Thai Tantra Yoga  provides relaxation of the body and mind. As you strengthen your body & you...

Highly Rejuvenating

Human growth hormones get released during Thai Tantra Yoga poses. This helps promote healing in the body and increases your connection to...


Choose The Plan That Fits You Best


Thai Tantra 

60 Min Session


Thai Tantra

90 Min Session


Thai Tantra 

2 Hr Session 


You made me feel comfortable immediately and my experience was beyond my expectations. With your kindness, peace and love, you ignited a state of curiosity and openness. You helped me relieve a sense of being very tense and tired. I highly recommend the professional services Angie has to provide, she is very knowledgeable and lovingly compassionate.

Alec –

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